Community Token

Forged from the ashes of previous projects, our people have gathered, determined to rise. After enduring multiple rugs, honeypots and malicious devs – Welcome to the $COMMUNITY token.

About Community Token

The $COMMUNITY token is for the people. There is no simpler way to say it. If you hold, you get paid in eth every two weeks.

Total supply 1,000,000,000,000

Tax 8% in/out

4% Grow The Floor Eth Rewards (GTF)

4% Community Trust Fund

  • Marketing
  • Buybacks & Burns/LP Growth
  • Development 

 -Max transaction buy/sell (0.5%) –

 -Max Wallet (2%)

Forged from the ashes of previous projects, our people have gathered, determined to rise. After enduring multiple rugs, honeypots and malicious devs..

Welcome to the $COMMUNITY token. Meticulously architected and designed to thrive for years, then decades, so long as there is an ethereum blockchain to house it, we will be here.

Our group – filled with bonafide honeybadgers, leaders, chads, visionaries and passionate crypto enthusiasts, who have come together around one grand idea. We lead with the question, what if we created a token, and did everything right? What if we actually diamond handed this one project to the billion scale, a slow moon, we inch toward the summit, thoughtfully, methodically. Once at those mcap heights, we create reasons to stay on the summit of billions, and generate income for all our holders for years to come.

What would that token be called? How would it work? What would hatch the plan which realizes such possibilities? Welcome to the only name we could give such a token. Welcome to the $COMMUNITY Like a sapling we will protect the base, and grow ourselves into largest oak in cryptoland. In an environment of dropping bags and fud, where devs abandon projects and their holders,

$COMMUNITY is an oasis in the crypto dessert. A project that grows by lifting others up! In a sea of red, green is even more noticeable. Our crypo brothers and sisters will flock to us, proud to tell friends colleagues and family about this find, in bull or bear markets. It is the community, more than anything else that sets us apart. The ultimate utility.

$COMMUNITY is not alone, we are a part of a greater constellation of upcoming talent which will set the new standard for alt coins – for this reason we have the support of hundreds of diehards, the best minds in the space. The shapers of things to come. Our goal most ambitious – a 2-3billion cap aim.. achievable if an ever increasing amount of us ‘Grow The Floor’, and seek the rewards. As we evolve, we will build a dao across our organization, tailored to enable community inclusion and decision-making in all we choose to do in the years ahead.

$COMMUNITY tokenomics are specifically meant to enrich us all.. and put ppl in the green. Weekly rewards will pay in eth so we don’t have to hurt the chart.

Q. Why a 30% transfer tax?

A. We want to reward people for growing the floor not gaming the system. To prevent any possibility of manipulation we will keep tax at 30% for transfers between wallets. This tax will fuel our GTF rewards and marketing wallet.

Q. What are GTF rewards?

A. Just like a weekly paycheck, on the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd of EVERY MONTH, any wallet that has the same amount or more COMMUNITYTOKEN between weekly snapshots, with the start/end time always being 12noon UTC, receives 4% of the buy&sell tax distributed proportionally to all qualifying wallets as Ethereum. Please allow a full week for funds to be calculated and sent to all qualified wallets. We must take our time and do this right. Simply put.. buy $COMMUNITY. Buy more on dips. End up at the end of every week at the same level or higher than the week before, and you qualify. Note: the first (not the second) snapshot is the amount of allocation we will use to calculate your eth rewards.


Total Supply


Contract Address










Total Buy / Sell Tax : 8%

2% Max Wallet
3% Grow The Floor rewards (GTF)
4% Community Trust Fund -Marketing -Buybacks & Burns/LP Growth -Development

2% Max Wallet

We have put a cap on the max wallet at 2% to prevent whale manipulation.

4% Grow The Floor rewards (GTF)

We will reward all diamond holders with a 4% GTF in Eth. 

4% Community Trust Fund -Marketing -Buybacks & Burns/LP Growth -Development.

This will be used to grow the project and cover expenses.


Phase 1

⁃ Design logo/Branding
⁃ Telegram + twitter
⁃ Website

Phase 2

⁃ Sustained Marketing Campaign 
⁃ Calls Sessions and Partnership AMAs
⁃ Apply for Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko listings, Dextools Trending
⁃ Website Redesign

Phase 3

⁃ Marketing push 
⁃ Reach 1500 holders 
⁃ Commence DAO Development